A Medical Marquee is a large floor plan display that is designed to attract attention and provide information about the hospital or medical center. Many people are unsure of what a medical marquee actually is and what its purpose is. If this sounds like the case for you, here is a quick explanation of the medical Mountain Shade.

Medical Tents

As the name indicates, a medical marquee is used by the hospital to promote their services and entertain their visitors. The medical marquee is the second largest area in a hospital after the ER. This highly visible display allows patients and doctors to quickly locate one another and learn more about the condition of a particular patient. By advertising in the medical marquee, hospitals can build strong relationships with their patients and establish a first impression that can be hard to shake off.

Another reason why hospitals choose to display a marquee is because it is an extremely effective way to inform patients about various important information relating to their health. It not only tells the patient that a particular treatment is available, but also explains the symptoms associated with the disease. This information is crucial to ensuring that a patient receives the treatment they need for their ailment. In some instances, the marquee may feature such information as blood test results, progress reports, test results on a particular patient, and the patient’s contact information at the medical facility.

Another function of a medical marquee is as a welcome center. When a new patient enters the lobby, the primary goal is to quickly welcome them and explain what the hospital has to offer. Most importantly, a marquee can show the doctor’s office or other facilities that patients will be visiting. For instance, a marquee could contain the doctor’s name and the phone number. If the doctor is busy, visitors can contact him directly via the marquee.

Medical marquees are an excellent resource for visitors. As well as the information displayed above, a good marquee will display the hospital’s coat of arms. This is a sign that customers know the facility is recognized as a reputable medical presence. Any information about emergency numbers, physicians on call, or other emergency services should be prominently displayed on the display as well.

Depending upon the type of medical marquee purchased, it could be placed in a variety of locations inside the hospital or even outside on the property. Regardless of where the display is located, the purpose is the same. A medical marquee is a great tool for patients and doctors alike. The display allows patients to quickly and easily access the information they need so that they can make an informed decision when visiting a certain medical facility.