Melville Osteopathy Services are located in Melville, New York and is run by Dr. Helen Thomas. “At Melville Osteopathy we are wholeheartedly natural, so that we provide a full range of complementary services to support your physical, emotional and mental health. We see a number of modalities can also be helpful in helping to cure various kinds of health problems.” This statement does not intend to suggest that all health problems can be cured by Osteopathy but it does imply that such treatments are based on natural therapeutic techniques, focusing on the skeletal system and musculoskeletal system.

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Osteopathy is based on the belief that the condition of the bones and joints is the result of the effect of forces on the bones and joints. The belief is that there is a cause (or causes) of pain and the effects of pain can be relieved by addressing this cause rather than treating the pain symptomically. Therefore, osteopathy services aim to correct or treat the causes of pain rather than the symptoms. For example, if you suffer from knee pain and are prescribed medication to relieve the pain but this medication only relieves the symptom of knee pain, then your doctor will not cure the knee pain but will only treat the symptom.

Some people may think that there is no point in engaging in an osteopathic treatment course because they will not need to take medication regularly. Melville Osteopathy Services counter this argument by stressing the importance of the relationship between the bones and the joints in terms of pain relief. They also highlight the importance of dietary management and stress management for osteopaths. It is very common for a patient to undergo several tests to determine the cause of their pain before a suitable treatment is given. This allows the osteopath to provide the best possible pain relief.

Osteopathy services also believe that there is no link between smoking and pain relief. They therefore do not recommend the use of nicotine replacement therapies as these can be ineffective. Nicotine does have certain actions that can help reduce pain and reduce inflammation but it is not clear whether these actions themselves provide pain relief. Similarly, there is no evidence that heat treatment is effective when it comes to relieving pain and there is no support for the use of ice packs either. Other treatments such as ultrasound, laser, magnets and massage may be able to help.

Melville Osteopathy Services recognises that many people will prefer to see their GP for a pain diagnosis and treatment. If you go to your regular doctor for a diagnosis and treatment they will most likely recommend the use of over-the-counter painkillers such as aspirin and Ibuprofen. These are great if you have a small amount of pain but are unlikely to suffer from long term pain.

There is evidence that suggests that using over-the-counter painkillers may not be a bad idea in certain cases. However, this is only because your GP may well have seen a patient who had problems with painkiller abuse and may not have any recommendations about how to deal with painkillers. Melville Osteopathy Services offers several different treatments for the treatment of pain and although this may not necessarily be the best route to take, if it helps you find pain relief, it may be worth a try.