Wollongong was traditionally dominated by coal mining and steel-making industries. While these industries are still present, many new business sectors like healthcare, social assistance, retail trade, education and training, banking, manufacturing, and construction have opened up as job providers to the local people. The highest number of registered businesses in Wollongong is in the construction sector. Besides these, many people find employment in sectors like forestry, fishing, agriculture, real estate, waste disposal services, and care of the aged. 

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Since there are plenty of tourist attractions in Wollongong and surrounding areas, jobs are also available in tourism and hospitality sectors. However, some of the tourism-related jobs could be seasonal, being available only in the peak tourist seasons. While advertising and marketing their different businesses, Wollongong business owners are bound to encounter some unique SEO challenges.

SEO challenges of Local Wollongong Businesses

While advertising local products for which the main target customers are local people, it is important to rely on geo-targeting or location targeting. With the help of geo-targeting, web content can be delivered to people of chosen geographic locations like the area which comes under a zip code, or a district, county, or a state.

When local customers are targeted exclusively, location-specific content should be incorporated to attract them. Alt tags should include local keywords in addition to the core content that provides the product details. The core content should be accurate, original, and highly informative, whatever the size and location of the target market are. This cannot be compromised in any manner.

When the target market is local, meta-descriptions should ideally contain local landmarks, jargon, or traditions to attract customers. Meta-descriptions in SEO are a couple of sentences that search engines display along with the site name when the site appears on the results page. It can significantly influence the browsing individual’s decision to click on that site as the description gives him a glimpse of what the web page contains.

However, if the target market for a local product is much wider with the possibility of nation-wide or overseas customers, then SEO should be done in a different way to spread the product information wider. Since there is bound to be more competition for products with a nationwide market, SEO should also focus on creating brand awareness.

Getting endorsement for a product from local people who have used it and who also have a string of local friends on their social media networks is a very effective way of carrying out SEO. Local business owners in Wollongong need to work on it through their local friends and can also use programs like Facebook Marketing Solutions and Twitter’s guidelines for small businesses to increase the social media presence of their establishments.

Additional factors for Local SEO

The name, address, and phone number of the business should be correctly listed on all the web pages and not just at one place on the website. Local customers are more likely to make inquiries via phone than through online methods. They may also prefer to physically visit the store and buy the product than order it online.

In the case of the tourism sector, the target market may not be local since tourists would invariably be coming from outside. So, geo-targeting will be necessary in this case. Depending on the area of the country or the world from where more tourists are expected, SEO should involve location-specific targeting to make the site visible to people of that area. Further, SEO tactics may have to vary seasonally in the tourism and hospitality sector.

It is crucial to protect the online reputation of a business through good reviews, directory listings, etc., even if the aim is only to secure a good ranking for the site locally. Managing to get positive and user-generated reviews is a sound SEO strategy both for local and wider marketing.


Since local Wollongong businesses cater to the needs of both local customers and outsiders, they need to follow a combined strategy in their SEO. Local searches continue to grow more than ever as per Google search trends, and it’s vital that businesses leverage this to their advantage.