“TACNA Tijuana shelter manufacturing services offer a full service to facilitate the move of your company to Mexico,” says John C. Maxwell, President and CEO of TCI International. “TCI has served the San Diego area with over 35 years of reliable transportation and communication service. The Mexico relocation market is growing rapidly and there are more companies moving to the border. Mexico is quickly becoming a hub for North American business. tacna tijuana provides these companies with the resources and expertise to make their move to Mexico as smooth as possible.”

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“TCI has transformed thousands of homes in the San Diego area,” says Mike Deason, Executive Vice President of San Diego Hispanic Housing. “TCI’s services have made it easy for residents to find and purchase property in the Tijuana area. They also provide services such as helping homeowners navigate the housing and real estate market, assisting with financing, providing services such as inspections and planning for the future of the neighborhood, and more. Because Mexico is quickly becoming a North American manufacturing hub, it’s important that companies can move freely and meet the needs of all their clients. This is why we are so proud to partner with TACNA.”

“TCI’s services have changed the way people choose to live in San Diego,” says Don Griffith, vice president of Pacific Union. “It used to be that if you moved into Mexico, you would have to drive an American-made vehicle. Now we are seeing more companies using North American manufactured vehicles because they are safer, more efficient, and have better fuel economy. It has made Mexico a much more viable location for making and moving goods.”

With the help of transportation logistics experts, San Diego-based TACNA offers a full range of on-site equipment rental services designed to fit every client’s moving and living needs. Their on-site equipment provider provides quality mobile showers and portable restroom and shower units, commercial grade furniture and accessories, heavy duty moving equipment, and much more. With a strong commitment to quality and excellence, TACNA is one of the most popular names in the moving and warehousing industry. In San Diego, TACNA is known as a premier moving and warehousing firm. Services include professional trucking and transportation services, ground moving and shipping, custom home shifting, high-value goods transport and storage, large scale commercial and residential loads, and a full range of on-site generator service.

TACNA manufactures the Tijuana Shelter, a state-of-the-art modular housing that is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and other harsh elements. In order to ensure optimum performance and long-lasting durability, every module is designed by industry-trained engineers and constructed with the toughest materials. All of TACNA’s modular housing is made in the United States, which guarantees quality and performance. Furthermore, TACNA shelters are manufactured using the same high standards of quality as their on-site manufacturing facility in San Diego. As a result, clients can feel confident that moving their belongings to and from the new location will be nothing but smooth and easy.

In the San Diego area, the TACNA manufacturing facility and mobility services firm has been providing high-quality and durable mobile housing solutions for a number of clients. Most recently, the company opened an additional manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico, to service the North American market. Moving and housing is a critical part of any business’s operations and clients rely on professionals who are able to provide a wide range of options for their products and services. TACNA is an ideal choice for companies that are looking to maximize their current assets and streamline their operations. Mobility specialists at TACNA can help you design and build a durable and customizable shelter that will meet your company’s unique needs.