Concrete is a key component in building homes, stadiums, monasteries, industrial complexes, apartment buildings and commercial office buildings. Without concrete, there would be no structures. This is a very important factor to consider in today’s world of shrinking real estate markets and high unemployment. With unemployment on the rise, it is imperative to utilize all resources available to keep these large structures up and running. To that end concrete lifting equipment is one such resource. For more details visit:

World Leading Concrete Lifting Equipment - Poly Trailer System

Concrete Lifting & Slab Jacking Systems: Spray foam companies make concrete lifting equipment specifically for the concrete industry, which includes concrete lifting platforms, slab lifting equipment, pedestal lifts, and other stabilizing and lifting equipment. The most popular among these is the Graco product line. The Graco Rock Pro is a great example of this type of equipment. It comes in four different models with varying options. Models include the Graco Pro Roll-up, Graco Pro Telescopic, Graco Pro Universal, and the Graco Pro Tonneau.

Other concrete lifting equipment available is from companies such as John Deere, Murray’s Concrete Warehouse, Pro Logic, Wabco, Caterpillar and many others. For concrete leveling jobs you may want to consider a concrete leveling rake. These are also made by various concrete lifting equipment manufacturers.

Another type of concrete lifting equipment is the automatic conveyor belt system. These belts are utilized in various applications, such as concrete slab lifting, mining, asphalt paving, road construction, and various other types of industries. Concrete milling and mud-jacking are two other applications for this type of lifting system.

Concrete can be heavy; hence concrete leveling equipment must be durable and strong. Some types of concrete lifting equipment are the above-ground types, which are mobile and make use of an overhead crane. There are also the precast concrete trucks. This equipment requires that the concrete is placed in a large truck that is raised using a roller on casters. There are also some mobile concrete leveling equipment available, such as the portable vertical lift truck.

One of the concrete lifting equipment used today is the closed-cell spray foam cutter. With this equipment, a worker can cut and shape a concrete slab without using the traditional hammer and saw cutting methods. This type of equipment is a lot different from other types of equipment used for concrete lifting or slab jacking because it cuts the concrete into smaller cubes. Another application for this kind of equipment is in the automotive industry as well as in the chemical and power industries.