There are several companies that grow and market fresh Australian garlic. The largest are Australian Garlic Producers Pty Ltd and the International Garlic Company. Both are privately owned and are the only companies that grow and market Australian garlic. These two companies are the leading marketers of Australian garlic. Their goal is to provide the consumer with the most premium and freshest garlic possible. If you’re interested in buying Australian Garlic, there are a few things you should know before you go.

In Australia, you can get a high-quality, farm-grown variety of garlic. Unlike other varieties, Australian garlic is low-odor and has high potency. The bulb maturity period is from late November to January. The long, shortened days trigger the formation of the bulb, which means that the harvest will be more expensive.

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Despite the higher cost, the flavour and texture of Australian garlic are far superior to those of imported varieties. They are also more nutritious. While imported varieties have a spongy texture, Australian garlic has a richer taste and fuller texture. Its season lasts from October to May. It has a high yield, and can be harvested throughout the year.

Australian garlic is not subject to quarantine requirements, which makes it ideal for all Australian needs. It is a staple in the diet, so it is not a problem for you to use it in recipes. It is a great food for the holidays and is perfect for cooking. It is also a healthy alternative to a high-quality, imported alternative. All of these advantages make it a great choice for people looking for a delicious, fresh-squeezed Australian garlic.

The market for Australian garlic is growing steadily in recent years. It is widely available in supermarkets. The country imports three thousand tonnes of garlic annually. The country produces approximately 300 tons of it each year. It is a staple in the local cuisine. It is a popular superfood and can be found in many countries around the world. In addition to its high quality, it also tastes great. It’s an Australian favorite. The market is a very competitive market for garlic.

The first Australian garlic was harvested in September. Since then, it has become the country’s largest producer of garlic. Its unique flavours include nuttiness and peppery heat. This variety is also a versatile choice for cooking. It’s a great option for saute. You can even cook it with it! If you’re looking for an Australian garlic substitute, consider a hardneck clove. This variety is the best choice for this reason.